I found my first opportunity when I was "knee high to a grasshopper"  delivering newspapers in the neighborhood.


Each Sunday morning I would wake up at 4am; pick up my bundle and walk the route to make my deliveries.


Fridays after school I would walk the route again and collect payment from my customers. If they didn't pay; I didn't get paid. It was a tough lesson to learn early in life.

After a few weeks of this I raised $40 from the bank of mom and dad. I needed capital to expand my operations and a simple shopping cart was going to take my business to the next level.

When I couldn't get more delivery routes I spent my weeknights riding my bike to the local driving range right as they closed.

The field was covered in white gold


There were many areas that the golf ball picker couldn’t reach and each night I would work the field picking balls by hand,  filling milk crates to the brim for $2 a crate.

It was hard work so many came and went. I kept showing up and eventually landed a full time gig during the summer months.


I worked from sun up to sun down tending to the facility, selling memberships, managing the seasonal staff and resolving conflicts. The hours were long and managing people was challenging but I loved it.

Back in the classroom; I like many of my peers went through high school and post secondary wondering “what the heck do I actually want to do?”

Analytically inclined, competitive and not scared of hard work I gravitated towards business. My next venture was a rental property that my best friend and I bought together, renovated, rented and eventually sold for a nice profit.


There were several more properties after and I found myself working with a private equity company focused on real estate acquisitions in my early 20s.


Since then; I’ve had the good fortune to work with several proven and talented entrepreneurs across various industries employing a wide range of revenue models.

Fast forward to today and my team and I have been part of building several businesses including partnerships focused on commercial and multifamily real estate acquisitions, a consulting firm that advises growing companies and a partnership that invests in recurring revenue based businesses.

I started with nothing more than an unrelenting work ethic and an absolute conviction that I will win.  If I can do it - you definitely can.

Bet On You,

Marcin Drozdz

"I have known Marcin for a couple of years now and I am truly inspired by his positive energy and drive.  Marcin is a man of his word, if he says something he delivers on it. He sets his goals high and I enjoy watching him continue to achieve them and inspire others along the way."

Brian Denysuik