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How To Raise Capital For Real Estate Master Course

  • 18-20 hours of course content

  • Exclusive content & training videos with Marcin Drozdz

  • Workflows, scripts, assignments & templates

I've perfected the fund raising process over 15 years having successfully sourced over $250,000,000 for various ventures.

Whether you’re looking to raise $500,000 or $5,000,000 for your next property; this 10 Week Online Training will get you on the right track to building your real estate empire using other people’s money.

"If you can't raise the money it doesn't matter how great your deal is." Marcin Drozdz

Learn how to:

  1. Create the perfect 30 second introduction to attract investors.
  2. Expand your network & get introduced to the top 1%.
  3. Book qualified investor appointments & have them ask you to be part of your next real estate opportunity.
  4. Source the right kind of investment partners.
  5. Ask the right questions to qualify your ideal investors.
  6. Get commitments & pick up checks.
  7. Handle the most common objections before they come up.
  8. Make your phone ring with qualified referrals.
  9. Create an automatic follow up system that markets for you.

This is the perfect online program that will save you hundreds of hours of banging your head on the wall and unnecessary rejection.

***Lifetime access to course content included***

What People Are Saying:

“I have known Marcin for several years now and am impressed with his business acumen, consistency and knowledge as it pertains to real estate and investing. People in the financial world have a tendency to make things sound more complicated than they are; Marcin can take complex sounding investments/concepts and bring them to a level where you can feel comfortable and fully informed.”

Wayne M.

“I have had the opportunity of working closely with Marcin and recommending his service to clients. His integrity and ability to educate people about alternative investing has been very rewarding.”

Tom E.

“ Marcin is an incredibly passionate, knowledgeable and talented visionary in the world of business. I would recommend that anyone looking to expand their financial and professional world to work with Marcin.”

Trevor F.