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How To Raise Capital For Real Estate Master Course

  • 20 Modules + Bonuses

  • 40 hours of study time to complete.

  • 2.5 hours of exclusive training videos with Marcin Drozdz.

  • Workflows, scripts, assignments & templates.


I've perfected the fund raising process over 15 years having successfully sourced 9 FIGURES of private capital for various ventures.

Whether you’re looking to raise $500,000 or $5,000,000 for your next property; this MASTER COURSE will get you on the right track to building your real estate empire using other people’s money.

"If you can't raise the money it doesn't matter how great your deal is." Marcin Drozdz

This is the perfect online program that will save you hundreds of hours of banging your head on the wall and unnecessary rejection.

***Lifetime access to course content & updates included***

What People Are Saying:

Marcin's provides great value for the many different levels of training he provides, from online courses to his inner circle. He has a unique skill set due to his experience and background in private equity which is rare to find and his teaching style is interactive, easy to follow and implement. If you want to get focused training on How to Raise Capital for Real Estate and how to talk to potential investors effectively, Marcin is the best I have found.

Jose Jafferji - Savvy Real Estate

I’m so glad to have enrolled in Marcin’s How To Raise Capital Course. His experiences and wisdom are invaluable, as are the role playing we partake in, on how & what to expect when interacting with investors. His friendly demeanor and sense of humor puts the group at ease, and he is calm and patient in his teachings, all, which are successful ingredients for decisively, an amazing program.

Ginny Sakamota - Real Estate Investor