Antarctic Mike: Leading At 90 Below Zero

Mike is an avid fan of polar expedition history and is an endurance athlete. In 2006, Mike became one of 9 people to run the first ever Antarctic Ice Marathon and a year later became the first American to run the Antarctic 100k, a grueling 62 miles on an ice shelf 600 miles from the South Pole. Leading at 90 Below Zero, connects the drivers and principles of Antarctic expedition history stories to the real world of finding, engaging and keeping great people in today’s business world. Antarctic Mike: Leading At 90 Below Zero 1. How did Antarctic Mike get started? (01:21) 2. How do you train for an Antarctica Marathon? (03:06) 3. What can entrepreneurs learn from your Antarctic journey? (09:30) 4. Why is there so much uncertainty in business and how we deal with it? (13:52) 5. What are the initial drivers and behaviors of GREAT leaders? (17:18) 6. How do companies attract and engage TOP TALENT? (22:23) 7. What did training in a FREEZER teach you about MINDSET? (31:46) 8. How do we build momentum when we are starting over (37:04) Connect with Antarctic Mike LinkedIn: Website: Books: