Fail Faster

When I first got into the world of business I refused to fail.

I refused to allow myself to look bad and I avoided situations where it was obvious that I didn’t know what I was doing.

School taught me to always have the right answers and being wrong was… wrong.

It wasn’t until I joined Toastmasters early on that I started to realize the benefits of failing fast. At the time I was terrified of public speaking…absolutely terrified.

I sunk in my chair and shook like a leaf every time it was my turn to speak. Week after week…stuttering and umming my way along…one uncomfortable evening after another.

One day (several months later) it all started to click, sentences began to flow and people actually understood what I was saying and no longer stared at me like a confused puppy.

From then on an opportunity to speak became a chance to learn and every mistake a lesson.

Each new presentation I delivered became a venture to test, retest and refine my skills.

It became simple. The more often I spoke, the better I became.

This “FAIL FAST” attitude eventually carried over to my professional life. My days where full of “no’s” and “not right now’s” (both polite and not so polite versions) as I attempted to inch my way into the business world.

I was fired from several sales jobs early on because I refused to fail fast.

It was hard to hit my sales goals when I didn’t talk to enough people.

I wasn’t failing fast enough.

This outlook changed and I “failed” at a blistering pace over the next few years at an entry level sales job.

I “failed” my way to several promotions and top sales several years in a row before deciding to break out on my own.

No one likes to start at the bottom but more often than not it’s the only way to get a foot in the door anywhere worthwhile.

There are a million excuses you can tell yourself about why it’s not the right time to take action…

  • I don’t have the right connections

  • I’m too young/old

  • I don’t know enough about (subject)

  • I hate rejection

Be better than the excuses you tell yourself.

If you want something bad enough you will focus and embrace the battle ahead.

You fail, and you fail and you fail. Until one day you don’t fail as bad.

Then you fail less and eventually it all begins to look like success.

People will think you’re lucky but you will know that there is no secret formula.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or business owner you are used to making mistakes and being told you’re wrong.

Fail small, fail fast, keep moving because success is literally just around the corner.

It’s only when you stop moving that you’ve actually “failed”.

To Your Success

Marcin Drozdz

Marcin has been instrumental in building several businesses including commercial & multi family real estate investment partnerships, a consulting practice and a smart home security business serving customers nationwide. Marcin has secured over $100MM in growth capital for various businesses and has collectively spoken in front of thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and those just starting to explore living life on their own terms. Outside the office Marcin can be found at the gym lifting heavy things, skiing or on the road zipping along on an extended bicycle ride.

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