Simple Wins

You can make the process of building a client base straightforward or painfully complicated.

In all my years of building businesses I can tell you that the simple ways have always worked best.

Streamline Your Prospecting

At its core for you to build on a successful business you need to do 3 things well:

1. Identify people with a need for your product or service.

2. Ensure that that person or business has the means to buy.

3. Get the order by demonstrating that what you offer is worth the investment.

That is all.

No matter how complex of a business, nearly every successful business owner I know understands this simple truth. If your process is more complicated. It’s costing you.

Track Your Activities

Once you determine who and how you will prospect, how will you know if it’s actually working and if the activity is worth your time?

To this day I track my time and review my (and my teams) activities weekly. It’s a simple habit that keeps everyone accountable.

Over the years I’ve let this habit slip a few times and once in a while I find myself saying that I’m too “busy” to track my progress. Ironically, it’s those exact times that I “reboot” and take stock.

Every time I think that I’m “too busy” to track activities it’s very likely that I’m spinning my wheels on something that isn’t worth the effort.

Tracking activities forces accountability.

Always Follow Up & Follow Through

Nothing turns me off more than someone who says they’ll do something and they don’t deliver.

Don’t be that person. I would bet that one single action/non action kills more business than anything else.

If you say you will do something you must do it or quickly communicate why it can’t happen as originally planned. It’s that simple.

If you don’t take your own commitments seriously than how can a client believe anything else you say?

Keep Doing What You Said You Would Do

Whether you’re prospecting or on boarding a client ensure that you clearly define the kind of ongoing interaction and service your clients can come to expect.

This action alone will set you apart as a true professional and shows that you are someone that can be counted on. Consistent people are very referable.

To Your Success,

Marcin has been instrumental in building several businesses including commercial & multi family real estate investment partnerships, a consulting practice and a smart home security business serving customers nationwide. Marcin has secured over $100MM in growth capital for various businesses and has collectively spoken in front of thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and those just starting to explore living life on their own terms. Outside the office Marcin can be found at the gym lifting heavy things, skiing or on the road zipping along on an extended bicycle ride.

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