2 Tips to Become A Real Estate Powerhouse In 10 Minutes a Day.

mindset real estate marketing Dec 05, 2021
Becoming a real estate powerhouse
You've met them before - those guys/gals that seem to get all the deals and have all the contacts.
Some of them are controversial - most of them are kind - others are well connected and respected.
How? Friendly or fierce - they all have something meaningful to say that adds value.
Now you don't have to be (fill in the blank with your favorite guru here) to add value to your network.
You, too, can become a tremendous success in real estate by investing 10 minutes a day into these two strategies.


Strategy 1

Post or re-post something of interest to your network every single day.
If you're not comfortable writing your content or posting a video of yourself - that's ok.
Instead, find articles on topics of interest and take a position.
Do you agree with the author? Why? Here's your chance to share your personal experiences with whatever the topic is that ties into your real estate investing.
Do you disagree with the article? Why? Keep it professional and provide evidence and personal experiences that speak to the topic.
Take the time to articulate your position and make your points.
This is an excellent opportunity to prove your understanding of real estate and the issue at hand.

Strategy 2

Suppose you haven't already joined several real estate Facebook groups and become a regular contributor.
Make it a habit of commenting on at least 3-5 posts/questions per day.
This will only take a few minutes, and it's an excellent forum for you to practice sharing what you know in an informative and structured approach.
One Facebook Group that you should join is the How To Raise Capital For Real Estate. This group gives real estate investors looking to raise capital to scale their portfolio resources & ideas.
Over a few days, people will come to expect to hear what you think and will begin to look towards you for thought leadership.
Over time you will also become comfortable enough to start new threads, share your opinions and even write your blog posts on topics that you're excited/informed about.
The above strategies will take you less than 10 minutes a day.
But, the compounding effect of this activity will make a massive difference in your network, connections, and the opportunities you will come across.
Marcin Drozdz

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