Learn How Denise & Stuart

  • Master the art of using RRSPs and TFSAs for higher returns and flexible investments. Discover how they leveraged registered funds to create innovative and profitable financing solutions.
  • Discover strategic property development that transforms income properties into profitable ventures. Learn their approach to identifying and developing properties with high potential for growth.
  • Gain insights from their journey and innovative funding strategies to achieve financial stability. Follow their path from financial recovery to becoming real estate investment experts.

Learn How Pavel...

transformed his already successful construction company into a nine-figure powerhouse

  • Discover Pavel's strategic journey through M1 Inner Circle, where he gained crucial insights into positioning in the real estate market, structuring deals, and managing investments.
  • Explore how he leveraged a supportive community and expert guidance to adopt a growth mindset, enabling him to navigate the complexities of real estate and expand his professional network effectively.

Learn How Cameron & Tess Munro...

transitioned from their conventional careers to master the real estate market, rapidly building a portfolio of multifamily properties

  • Career Shift to Real Estate: Cameron and Tess transitioned from their 9-5 jobs to focus entirely on multifamily real estate investments in 2021, acquiring a total of 74 units using innovative financing strategies.

  • Significant Asset Growth: Successfully increased the value of a 32-unit property from $2.5 million to $4.57 million within eight months through strategic refinancing and asset stabilization.

Learn How Janci...

mastered real estate investing while juggling the challenges of new motherhood, flipping an impressive 30 houses in record time.

  • Janci's Journey: Get inspired by how Janci balanced motherhood with her rapid rise in real estate.

  • Income Replacement Strategies: Learn how Janci replaced her 9-5 income with smart real estate investments.

  • Zero to Hero in Real Estate: Uncover the secrets of starting in real estate with little to no initial capital.


Learn How Chris Lunney...  

a former senior officer in the Canadian Forces, seamlessly transitioned into a successful property development career, using his strategic military skills to overcome challenges and lead significant projects like the Skyview development.

  • Revival of the Skyview Project: Chris led the challenging revival of the Skyview project, a 4-storey, 37-unit condo development at 244 Island Highway in View Royal, marking a significant achievement for his team.

  • Adoption of the EASY Method and M1 Inner Circle Program: By embracing these programs, Chris initiated capital raising for two shovel-ready projects scheduled to begin in Q1 2024, demonstrating strategic finesse and efficiency.

Learn How Drew Toth...

transitioned from working in a homeless shelter to becoming a powerhouse in the real estate industry, reshaping his career with strategic education, networking, and the influential mentorship from M1. 

  • Remarkable Career Transformation: Discover how Drew Toth transitioned from working in a homeless shelter to becoming a successful real estate investor, illustrating a significant shift in career paths.

  • First Real Estate Deal: Learn about Drew's initial venture into real estate, the challenges he faced, and the valuable lessons he gained from this pivotal experience.

Learn How Suman & Sukanya...

exponentially grew their portfolio to over 130 units and successfully raised 7-figure capital shortly after immigrating from Canada.

  • Rapid Portfolio Expansion: Suman and Sukanya have acquired 130+ units in just a few months.

  • 7-Figure Capital Raising: Learn how to raise significant capital efficiently.

  • Deal Structuring: Unlock the secrets to maximizing profitability.

  • Advanced Asset Management: Practical tips to improve your ROI.


Learn How Nick...

transitioned from a platinum recording artist to a real estate tycoon with a $20 million empire.

  • Career Pivoting Techniques: Nick will reveal the secrets behind his seamless transition from the music industry to real estate. 

  • Real Estate Investment Hacks: Dive deep into the world of real estate investing and uncover the strategies that propelled Nick to extraordinary financial heights.

  • The Power of Joint Ventures: Discover the art of forming powerful partnerships and joint ventures.

Learn How Zorya.... 

scaled her investments from mere 8plexes to a staggering 144-unit portfolio. You'll gain valuable insights into:

  • Investment Strategies: Learn how to identify and seize the right investment opportunities.
  • Scaling Techniques: Discover proven methods for growing small real estate holdings into extensive portfolios.
  • Mindset & Motivation: Tap into Zorya's wisdom to build the mindset that drives success.

Learn How Tom & Khush.... 

raised over $1.2 million in Capital in just 1 Month

  • Gain invaluable insights into the exact techniques Tom and Khush used to generate an impressive capital of $1.2 Million in just one month.
  • Learn about the powerful tools, strategies, and mindset required to replicate their remarkable success in your own real estate ventures.
  • Discover the exclusive benefits of being an M1-Inner Circle Member, and how it can provide expert guidance and supercharge your real estate investing journey.