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Hey there! I'm Marcin Drozdz, and my story starts in Poland during the '80s. Think food rations, bread lines, and a father arrested for corn trafficking. Yes, you read that right, corn! In a world where running a business was a big "no-no," my dad was the Al Capone of maize.

At the age of 6, my family escaped that world and landed in Toronto with a few suitcases, fewer dollars, and zero understanding of the English language. My father, a master mechanic, swept floors at an Audi dealership and learned the language by picking up car parts. My mother, a brilliant woman, studied Medicine in Europe. But in Canada, she juggled multiple entry level jobs and a new culture, proving that if there's a will, there's a way.

Growing up with such resilience around me, the entrepreneurial bug bit me hard. Before my 10th birthday, I was the neighborhood yard sale king and newspaper delivery guru. Ever tried collecting newspaper payments in the middle of a Canadian winter? It's like a survival reality show, minus the camera crew.

I even raised $40 from the Bank of Mom & Dad, a venture capital firm with a soft spot for their offspring. I expanded my operations (bought a bike) and soon I peddling my way to local driving range picking golf balls by hand. A full milk crate full of balls was $2. No overhead. Pure profit! It was repetitive, but hey, it was my field of dreams, literally!

While my friends were leveling up in video games, I was leveling up in life, managing people, selling memberships, and resolving conflicts at that very same golf driving range. School the way it was laid out was a mystery, but deep down I knew education itself was important.

successful real estate investors

In my early 20s, my best friend and I took the plunge and bought our first piece of real estate. We bought a starter home as a rental. We renovated it, rented it out, made a TON of mistakes along the way, and despite our best efforts... we still managed to make more money than a full time job would have allowed!

I was hooked. I worked extra jobs to invest in my personal development. I flew all over North America for Conferences and Events, often times alone (by then all my friends thought I was nuts!) pushing myself to surround myself with people who were doing the things I wanted to do.

My approach eventually paid off and I was recruited by a Private Equity Firm focused on buying massive apartment complexes. Barely old enough to grow facial hair, but old enough to buy apartment buildings I guess.

Since then, I've worked with talented entrepreneurs across various industries. Success? Check. Expensive lessons? Double-check. But hey, that's the entrepreneurial roller coaster for you.

Marcin Drozdz
Marcin Drozdz

Today, my team and I are on a mission to teach capital raising, deal making and the growth mindset that is required to do bigger deals. We're also still building our own portfolio of apartment buildings focused primarily in the southern US.

I still invest in my personal development (more than ever actually), seek mentors, and operate with an unrelenting work ethic. I started with nothing but a conviction that I would win, and a corny sense of humor... get it? (My wife loves my "dad" jokes btw).

Your key takeaway? You can do this too. No contacts, money, or special skills needed to get started. Just make the most of the hand you're dealt, and don't be afraid to laugh at the corny parts of life. ( ok...ok I'm done..)

But seriously... explore the resources on this website, and let's get you focused on creating the life you want.

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Make today your DAY ONE,

Marcin Drozdz