What are people saying about Marcin's program?



"Marcin’s 5 day course is a real eye opener.  It gives you the confidence to approach all potential investors and the push to take action.  I got 3 new investors valuing  6-figures and many more  in the pipeline. This return on time is invaluable and will propel my career to new heights!”

Blaze Mutton

"Holy cow! Marcin you are AMAZING! I sent your initial email to my investor database and got over 80 responses!!! I used the follow-up email and booked 30 appointments this week to have a short meeting to determine fit. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”

Shawn Griffith

"Marcin, I just want to thank you for reaching out to me, inviting me to your course. I learned so many valuable tools for speaking to people about REI! The webinar was very well organized and the role playing did solidify the teaching as you said in the beginning. Also, your courses look excellent. Thank you again!”

Anne Marie Sheldon

"If you’re a real estate investor and are looking for training on how to raise capital for your projects I would highly recommend you check out Marcin’s program on raising capital. I purchased his, How to Raise Capital For Real Estate Master Course, after attending his free one-day workshop on his E.A.S.Y system. Frankly, it was an easy decision. I could tell immediately Marcin knew what he was talking about and that this wouldn’t be another course filled with fluff and generic advice. What set this course apart from other’s I’ve come across is that It gives you both the strategic plan and the tactical steps you can execute to raise capital successfully. He teaches you how to find investor leads, how to set up your follow-up meetings, how to handle client objections and so much more. If you’ve been looking for a program that teaches you how to raise capital like the pros do then this is it. Commit and take action! You won’t regret it."

Jay Vettivel

"I've been a part of Marcin's M1 mastermind since May 2021 and it has far exceeded my expectations. Marcin's track record in real estate and private equity speaks for itself, so to be in the same room with him once a week has been an incredible learning experience. He has a very structured approach to raising capital, including hundreds of hours of content as part of the course material. He has created a unique community of high-level achievers who are taking action and actively raising capital for their deals. In our weekly meetings, we have the opportunity to practice our pitch and receive constructive feedback in a very comfortable environment. Since joining I have been able to secure commitments of over 500k by implementing strategies learned! I already feel far more confident to take on larger deals knowing that I will be able to raise the capital required. Highly recommend this course to investors at any experience level! They will learn to master the art of raising capital, build stronger relationships and execute on larger deals."

Zeshan Choudhry

"I am glad I signed up. I appreciate your wisdom and your approach to doing business. It's a soft, strong, positive, empowering, and professional approach and it makes total sense. Looking forward to finishing the class and learning a lot from you."

Maximillian D. Lucena

"I participated in Marcin Drozdz’s “How to Raise Capital for Real Estate” one day mastermind. I thought the content was outstanding and his presentation easy to understand and implement. I especially loved learning about his E A S Y method. I am currently raising capital for a deal and his teachings helped me immensely. He taught me questions to ask upfront to qualify my investors, so I don’t’ waste time with people who aren’t interested. I highly recommend his teachings  to anyone seeking to learn to raise capital for real estate."

Ruth Hiller

"Marcin was a great mentor to learn from he has a lot of expertise in the field of raising money. I attended his 5- days challenge and was amazed at how Marcin made his systems make sense after the 5 days it left me wanting more. There are not many courses that give you lifetime access and the mentor is the teacher for weekly classes. I commend Marcin because it takes a lot of dedication from him its nothing like having a mentor for life. Thanks for all your help."

Michael Hamilton

"Absolutely Fantastic MasterMind! Thank you for this presentation and all the information here today! Thank you, Marcin!"

Grace Bachoon

"Marcin thanks for the event invite! I enjoyed the presentation and love everything you’re doing! Congrats on all of your success as well! Very inspiring!"

Kevin S. Breckenridge

"Just raised another $50k. That's $150 this week. Incredible. Thank you Marcin Drozdz ! This shit works just work the process!”

Gabe Bonaldo