$25,000,000 or 25 Million Friends

real estate investing real estate marketing May 25, 2021
How to raise money from family and friends for real-estate


Which one would you choose?


Most take the money & fair enough… 25MM is a lot of money.


But consider this…what if you reached out to your friends and

  • Asked them to support your business with a $2.00 donation?
    • That’s $50,000,000
      • What if you asked them to do it annually?
        • That’s $50,000,000 per year.
  • Asked them all to buy $5.00 worth of goods from you?
    • That’s $125,000,000 in sales
  • Asked them all to invest $10.00 in your business?
    • That’s $250,000,000


The value of a strong network speaks for itself. Your net worth truly is a function of your network.

Now you don’t just build a network overnight. The most meaningful networks are built on the value that you bring so the question to keep front of mind is what value do you offer to others that helps them improve their lives?

The more compelling the answer here the stronger your network becomes and the more meaningful the impact that you’re able to have on the world.

Whether you’re looking to raise capital to scale your business, fund a charity or actively drive change about something you are passionate about.

But building a network from scratch is a long uphill battle so my favorite hack to build my business faster has always been joining groups, masterminds and inner circles with people & goals aligned with where I want to be.


Talk soon,

Marcin Drozdz


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