4 Things You Learned in Kindergarten That'll Help You With Real Estate Investing

mindset real estate investing Nov 28, 2021
kindergarten lessons in real estate investing
 "Don't run with scissors" and "don't pick your nose" were some of the better "don't do" pieces of advice we all likely got in kindergarten.
So for this blog post, I wanted to bring back the basics of the four things we learned TO DO in those early days.
That most of us would be wise to relearn again will do wonders for your real estate investing business today.

1. Share information

One of the best things you learned in kindergarten was how to share!
More than likely, when it came time for group projects or sharing toys with other students, there were always at least a few who just didn't get it.
This spills over into the real estate investing business all the time.
Being open and honest about your numbers is essential to your business relationships and for yourself.
It is all too easy as a real estate investor (or any entrepreneur) to get caught up in the numbers and forget that you can learn something from everyone around you - even those who aren't directly invested in your success.

2. Work together towards a common goal.

Building off of sharing information, having a common goal that everyone can work towards is essential.
Sometimes this happens naturally, sometimes not - your real estate investing team may have different goals than you (you want to flip houses, and they just want to buy rental properties).
But, it doesn't matter what the end game is as long as all parties head to the shared vision.
Now, this isn't to say that someone on your team won't have an excellent idea for how you can get there faster. But, if they do - listen!

3. Treating each other with respect

This is pretty much the same as sharing information and working towards a common goal, in my opinion.
Still, I wanted to call it out separately because we often see investors acting in anything but respectful ways.
Their real estate investing team members and when it comes time to negotiate with buyers or make offers on properties.
It is easier said than done, I know - sometimes the other party will get under your skin, and you may want to lash out.
However, this can often lead down a slippery slope that you didn't plan on going down.
Remember the kid that got angry and took his ball home...yeah... don't be that guy.

4. Be open to new ideas.

You may not have had this particular life skill in your tool belt when you were younger, but it is one of the most valuable ones out there for any real estate investor!
It is a great place to be willing to take a chance and go after something even if you aren't sure how exactly you'll do it.
The best real estate investors are those that can see opportunities and then go for them!
This list isn't all-inclusive, but I hope it helps remind some of the essential life skills we learned in kindergarten - which dozens of real estate investors have echoed.
Unfortunately, it is easy to get caught up in the business aspect and forget that we learned most of this stuff when trying to find someone to play tag with.


 Marcin Drozdz

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