5 No-Brainer Qualities When Choosing a Mentor or Coaching Program

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5 No-Brainer Qualities When Choosing a Mentor or Coaching Program

I’ve spent a ton of money on personal development, training, courses, mentorships, and masterminds over the last two decades. 

Honestly, some were great, some were mediocre, and some were downright bad. 

If I had known these five things earlier, I could have saved a lot of money.

Here are the top five things I now pay attention to when investing my time and money:

⁍➡ Specialist vs. Generalist
First, decide if you need a generalist or a specialist. If you're new, a generalist can give you a broad overview.

Actionable Steps:
⁍➡Evaluate Your Needs: Identify your current skill level and specific areas where you need more expertise.
⁍➡ Research Programs: Look for programs that clearly outline whether they provide general or specialized training.
⁍➡Ask for Syllabi: Request course outlines to see if the content matches your needs.

⁍➡ Information vs. Implementation
Know if you're buying information or implementation. Are you just getting knowledge, or is the program offering hands-on help? 

Actionable Steps:
⁍➡ Clarify Expectations: Understand what you need—pure knowledge or actionable implementation steps.
⁍➡ Review Program Details: Check if the program includes one-on-one coaching, project reviews, or practical workshops.
⁍➡ Set Goals: Define what success looks like for you from the program.

⁍➡ Depth of Experience
Look for mentors with deep, specialized experience. These programs might cost more, but they're worth it. They offer specific insights into areas like advertising, capital raising, or deal structuring that can profoundly impact your success.

Actionable Steps:
⁍➡Vet Your Mentors: Research the background of potential mentors. Look for real-world success stories.
⁍➡Read Reviews: Check testimonials and reviews from past students to gauge the mentor's impact.
⁍➡Ask for Case Studies: Request examples of past students' success.

⁍➡ Clear Roadmap
Ensure the program provides a clear roadmap. Understand the major milestones and the time and financial commitments required. 

Actionable Steps:
⁍➡Request Detailed Plans: Ask for a breakdown of the course structure, including key milestones.
⁍➡Set Personal Milestones: Align the program's milestones with your personal goals and timelines.
⁍➡ Regular Check-ins: Schedule regular progress reviews to stay on track.
⁍➡Opt for programs that offer clear, structured pathways with defined outcomes. Avoid programs with vague or undefined paths to success.

⁍➡ Business Approach Alignment
Finally, consider if their business approach aligns with yours. Do they take a consultative approach, or are they hard sellers?

Actionable Steps:
⁍➡Understand Their Approach: Attend introductory sessions or webinars to get a feel for their sales process.
⁍➡Ask Questions: Directly ask about their teaching style and business values.
⁍➡Reflect on Comfort Level: Choose a mentor or program that resonates with your own business philosophy.


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