How The Middle Class Could Lose Everything

real estate investing Jun 14, 2021

I was recently on Real Talk with Gary Hibbert.

Getting me going on real estate and investing doesn't take much and we covered a lot of ground in the 57 minute interview. Check out the full episode through either Apple or Spotify.

You'll hear us talking about:

  • What is stagflation, and can it happen in Canada?
  • His methods for raising MILLIONS of dollars for investment
  • Where is the ‘big money’ moving to
  • What you should be doing RIGHT NOW as an investor
  • What is the tax on the middle class that they cannot see
  • Why governments don’t want inflation
  • The advantage government has for paying off debt
  • Why hard assets can help you survive crashes
  • Why hard assets are better than cash - FIAT currencies
  • And MORE!

We had an incredibly timely discussion so make sure you tune in!


Marcin Drozdz



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