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capital raising mindset Jul 26, 2021
what to use to attract money

Zig Ziglar once said "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily.”

We’re just coming off a high from hosting of our last 1 DAY MASTERMIND where our registrations grew X2 from our last event just 2 months earlier. The amount of positive feedback thus far has been overwhelming and somewhat surprising as we spent exactly $0 dollars on advertising.

It’s hard to describe what happens when you get lots of like-minded and motivated people with common goals together but over 5 hours on a Saturday we all sure learned a ton. The people that attended were at all experience levels too, from newbie real estate investors, to 50+ unit owners, to people that have raised several million dollars to do take on massive projects across the world.

What everyone had in common however was the desire to learn (or perfect) their ability to scale their real estate portfolio and a willingness to invest their time & money to learn how to do it. We had someone in attendance that disclosed that he raised over $40,000,000 for real estate projects and ironically he was one of the first to acknowledge that there’s always more to learn.

Put another way –knowing that you’ve always got more to learn and actively seeking better answers puts you in the right mindset to attract the capital and contacts you need. If you think you already know how to do something your brain will not let you learn anything else on the topic. Mind closed. Opportunity gone.

Other attendees shared that they where interested in real estate investing but didn’t have the experience or capital and didn’t know where to start. Wherever you start – you need to begin by adding value first. Whether you’re 20 years in the business and own 100s of properties or just starting out… you need to add value first.

When I first decided that I wanted to invest in real estate I was 19 and had limited ways to add value. All I had to offer at the time was a beat up old Volkswagen, some gas in the tank and a good attitude so my way into the real estate game was to pick up for sale signs for realtors. I hauled signs all over town between classes and over time the realtors began to appreciate what I was doing for them. Eventually one offered to show me the ropes and help me buy my first rental property.

That was over 15 years ago and throughout that time I’ve had many wins and losses, stories of triumph and more than enough sobering lessons to learn from. What’s always been consistent however is my daily dose of bathing…I mean motivation (well both actually). However you seek out your motivation – make sure you seek it out CONSISTENTLY. Building a real estate portfolio (or any business for that matter) is hard work.

Personally, what keeps my fire burning red hot is having a solid network of people on the same path connecting regularly. It’s a big part of the reason why I started my M1 Inner Circle. There is a mindset that comes with being able to ATTRACT the RIGHT CAPITAL & CONTACTS and for me surrounding myself with people who are looking for better answers and making things happen is a big part of it.

What gets you going?


Marcin Drozdz


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