A "Like" Is Not A Sale

mindset real estate investing May 16, 2021
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" People still buy from people they like, trust & can connect with"


In the “Internet age” it’s too easy to use your website and online presence as a crutch.

The business world is awash in sales people and business owners glued to their desks; constantly checking their LinkedIn, updating their Facebook status and recycling other peoples content that ties into their business or beliefs.

These activities all have their place in today’s business landscape but are grossly misunderstood.

Yes you should have a strong online presence and yes it needs to be relevant so that it can make it easier for people to seek you out and begin a dialogue.

However at some point you need to “reach through the screen” and ask for a commitment, an order or some kind indication that you’re moving forward.

Otherwise you’re just an “online personality” whose educated a competitors client.

It’s that simple.

The online world has become the modern day equivalent of “busy work” of too many sales people and budding entrepreneurs.

It allows for you to hide behind the safety of your screen and fill your day reading about the industry, trends and what others like you are actually out in the world doing.

Three things I know to be true for most sales people and business owners:

  1. Marketing & Sales are still not the same thing – Great marketing fills your inbox and gets the phone to ring. Sales is all about how you consistently convert the interest into revenue.
  2. You still need to talk to your prospects – Pick up the phone or better yet go see them face to face (if your model can sustain it). Few do this anymore so why not help retire them and take their clients?
  3. You still need to ask for a commitment to keep moving things forward – When a client says they will go ahead and doesn’t it’s often due to poor follow up on your part.

They got busy, forgot or went elsewhere where the selling group did a better job demonstrating value, creating urgency and serving their needs.

Some say that business is more complicated and competitive than ever. Perhaps. I’d venture to say that it’s never been this easy to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

Don’t misunderstand, there plenty of businesses that have been born out of the internet and grown exponentially because of it.

Look deeper and you’ll see that even those founders had to take meetings and sell their product, service or vision to people, in person.


To Your Success,

Marcin Drozdz

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