Are you a Cow or a Bison?

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Are you a  Cow or a Bison?
Are you a Cow or a Bison?

Ever wonder what sets a cow apart from a bison when a storm hits?

Cows try to run away from the storm, ending up soaked for longer. Bison, though, charge straight into it. Why? Because they know it's the quickest way to get through the discomfort.

Now, imagine if the thing you feared most became your superpower. For me, that fear was public speaking. People often ask, "How do you stay so calm? How are you so composed?"

The answer is simple: I run into my storms.

And here is how you can too:

⁍➡ Identify Your Fear:
Write it down. Putting it on paper makes it tangible and less intimidating.
Talk about it with someone you trust. Sharing your fear can lighten the burden.

⁍➡ Break It Down:
Divide your fear into smaller, manageable parts.
Set small, achievable goals to tackle each part.

⁍➡Face It Gradually:
Start with less intimidating aspects of your fear. For example, if you fear public speaking, begin by speaking to small, supportive groups.
Increase the difficulty step by step. Gradual exposure helps build confidence.

⁍➡Prepare and Practice:
Equip yourself with knowledge and skills related to your fear. The more prepared you are, the less daunting it will feel.
Practice regularly. Repetition will help reduce anxiety over time.

⁍➡Visualize Success:
Picture yourself successfully overcoming your fear. Visualization can boost your confidence and motivate you.
Use positive affirmations to reinforce your belief in your abilities.

⁍➡Seek Support:
Find a mentor or coach who can guide you and provide valuable insights.
Join groups or communities where you can share experiences and get encouragement.

⁍➡Reflect and Adjust:
After each attempt, reflect on what went well and what you can improve.
Adjust your approach based on your reflections. Continuous improvement is key.

What’s your storm, and are you ready to face it head-on?

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