Are you OK with NO?

mindset May 17, 2021
You Can Raise Capital on Your Own Terms


I am. I actually prefer a no over a drawn out & potentially awkward set of exchanges.


Don't you?

Whether you're negotiating with a property seller, investor or even your spouse for that matter there is a lot of power in being mentally comfortable with getting a NO.

After setting the meeting agenda with a new potential investor (my fiancé sets the agenda in our house) I ask the investor if they are OK letting me know if they are not interested.

Sometimes I need to repeat myself and ask the question again because most people are not used to being asked that question.

Once it sinks in people almost always smile, nod and agree to let me know if they don't like what they hear. Pheeeew.

Since they now feel like they have permission to say NO they're actually paying attention to the meeting & are not worried about being sold.

It's a much better setup for everyone.

We role played this exercise at my recent 1 DAY MASTERMIND on HOW TO RAISE CAPITAL FOR REAL ESTATE & within minutes students were applying this to their business.

If you're interested in learning more about HOW TO RAISE CAPITAL FOR REAL ESTATE check out my brand new MASTER CLASS that I am releasing on June 1st.


To Your Success,

Marcin Drozdz

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