DIG Your Well Before You Get Thirsty

deal pitching real estate investing small business tips for success May 03, 2021


"Life is all about being prepared for whatever it might throw at you."


Investing in real estate is very similar in that respect. You never know what "DEALS" are available until something changes in someone's life that compels them to take action.

Death, divorce, job loss or relocation are some examples of what I call TRIGGER events which often involve the need for someone to sell quickly.

The more motivated the seller - the better deal a buyer can make. The question is how do you get the capital you need to help solve that problem?

Most times you need to close in a matter of weeks if not days. You will need to quickly assess the opportunity & get the capital together (whether you have it or not).

This is why I host the free monthly events so if you haven't already make sure you register for an upcoming event.



To Your Success,

Marcin Drozdz

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