Grow Your Portfolio With Other People's Money

capital raising deal pitching real estate investing Sep 27, 2021
how to grow real estate portfolio

Want to grow your real estate portfolio, but short on cash?

You might have already bought everything you can get your hands on and are at a point when bankers just shake their heads when you call and inquire about yet another mortgage.

Almost all great businesses require capital to scale. A real estate business is no different. If anything... building a business that is focused on acquiring real estate is one of the most CAPITAL INTENSIVE businesses known to man.

That's why real estate professionals are always looking for other people's money to be able to grow their real estate portfolio and knowing how to raise capital is what separates minor league real estate investors from those that really scale and play in the big leagues.


  1. They understand economies of scale and rather own a piece of a $100,000,000 deal than an entire $1,000,000 project.
  2. They understand the business & niche they are in and seek out the absolute best people to work with them within that context.
  3. They respect the investor reporting process & invest heavily in accounting, legal, systems, compliance to make it as easy as possible for investors to say yes.

Now if you're looking to raise your first $100,000 or $1,000,000 you won't have everything figured out right out of the gate. That's a given.

But if you want to drastically grow your real estate portfolio - you're going to need other people's money and in doing so you will need to learn a whole host of different skills along the way.

Learning How To Raise Capital For Real Estate is a lifelong process it's why I decided to create my Master Course to help you move down this path.

The types of properties you buy and where you buy them may change but once you learn how to successfully use other people's money to grow your portfolio - you'll be operating on a whole new level that few real estate investors ever reach.


Marcin Drozdz


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