He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules

mindset Jul 18, 2022

He who has the gold makes the rules. This is a phrase that is often used to describe those in a position of power. And in today's market setup, it is more accurate than ever.

The biggest companies in the world amongst the technology companies or innovators are actually private equity firms. These firms have mastered the art of capital raising and as a result, they control a large percentage of the world's wealth. They are able to do this because they know how to raise money easier, faster, and more effectively than anyone else.

Now, as the real estate industry grows, there is more demand for people in the field to be well-versed in capital raising. Leveraging someone's cash flow is indeed the key here. Building an investment portfolio is definitely the way to go and creating a network of individuals that hones you holistically should be a top priority. 

On another note, capital raising is a long-term build-up of an investor's trust. In other words, it's not an I meet you today, I write a check for you tomorrow kind of thing. It is always a matter of building up that rapport and that long-lasting trust that gets you the deal. It's also your credibility and drive that meets the deal to a close. 

Now, if you think you have the skills, resources, and assistance to start raising capital, I suggest that you act on it today. 

Don't wait before that money makes YOU the commodity. 


He who has the gold makes the rules.
And when I had this reminder
So the biggest companies in the world
aside from the technology companies and
you know, the innovators, the Teslas, and things like this.
The biggest companies in the world are
the private equity firms
or they're owned by the biggest companies
are owned by private equity firms.
And the private equity firms
their business is fundraising.
They know how to raise money better, faster,
cheaper than just about anybody else.
You've got Blackstone, KKR, Apollo,
Fortress, Investment Management in New York.
There are so many private equity firms
and their business is money.
Their commodity, if you will,
is money.
And they know how to raise it very very very effectively.
This is why they control a lot of the biggest companies
in the world
because they know how to capitalize on those businesses.
Ultimately, I'd like to say that the smartest people run these companies,
but it's not.
A lot of time. It's the people that work
for the people that wrote the checks
that run a lot of these companies that recapitalized
because the guy that writes the check
or the girl that writes the check
or the firm that writes the check,
he who has the gold makes the rules.


Marcin Drozdz

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