If you are A Real Estate Investor, Save These Websites

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If you are A Real Estate Investor, Save These Websites

Finding real estate investment information on the internet is even more difficult and perplexing. A fast Google search yields literally hundreds of results, some of which are far superior to others. We've compiled a list of the best real estate investor websites to help you decide where to start.

1. Deal Machine

Deal Machine has automated real estate prospecting, bringing the practice of driving for dollars into the twenty-first century. Today's investors may prospect from the convenience of their own home office, saving their valuable time and money. Investors may learn who owns a house in the United States by uploading the location or photograph of the home, as well as the property's ownership history, equity, and the owner's email and mailing address. A direct mail campaign to reach the property owner is initiated with the push of a button. The contact management system provided by Deal Machine makes it simple to keep track of thousands of leads at the same time.

2. Mashvisor

Mashvisor allows you to compare both standard long-term rental homes and short-term holiday rentals. Occupancy rates and seasonality patterns, possible income estimates, cost assumptions and cash flow calculations, and investment purchase studies are among the interactive real estate analytics tools available on Mashvisor. Mashvisor is different from other real estate investing software in that it can be used to analyze both residential and commercial properties.

3. Stessa

Rental property investors may easily track the financial performance of each individual property as well as the entire portfolio using Stessa. This cloud-based software solution is suitable for single-family and multifamily rentals, as well as short-term rentals such as those offered by Airbnb or HomeAway. Simply input each property's information, link the payment and property management accounts, upload and arrange documents and invoices, and track each property's performance.


4. Zillow

Last year, Zillow's applications and websites had over seven billion visitors. Many investors consider obtaining a real estate license just to have access to the MLS. Instead, by utilizing Zillow, they may save hundreds of dollars each year in fees that could be better spent on an investment property. Users may search for great discounts, get market information, and even post their own rentals. 

5. REtipster 

REtipster is an investor hack and a game-changing tool that transforms the investment real estate business. Recent articles have covered topics such as real estate syndication, how to invest with $5,000, and where to discover the finest rental property offers. REtipster is a website dedicated to real estate investors, with proven tools such as articles, podcasts, videos, and more.

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