Why Offering Value Expands Your Network

mindset multifamily tips real estate marketing Jul 11, 2022

When it comes to business networking, substance matters. If you're looking for a quick hustle, you won't get very far in the world of business networking most especially in real estate investing. People of substance will introduce you to other people of substance – only if they see the value that you are offering.

However, if you're just looking for a quick buck, these people won't connect you with their networks because you'll be a liability that reflects badly on them. And in this line of business, reputation is everything. Keep this in mind as you network – it's all about your mindset and the value you are putting!

Now how do you actually provide value? Do you have to sell a $1000-dollar course? Or maybe speak at a very big conference event? Well, that could be one way especially if you want to build that authority over your niche. 

But how about when you are new or just starting up? Simple, be of great value by learning from people who are big on value themselves. Take note of their best practices and emulate them. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Surround yourself with networks that are good enough to teach you one thing or two about the business. Continue to upskill by training, boot camps, or taking advantage of events that will help you learn more and grow better. 

Additionally, if you have an opportunity mindset, you'll be able to see the value in networking and build valuable relationships. However, if your only focus is money, you'll miss out on opportunities and fail to build a strong network.

So ask yourself – what's your mindset regarding business networking? Are you there for the long haul offering the greater ton of value or are you just looking for a quick fix in the moment? The answer will determine your success!




If you're there for a long-term business, not just a quick hustle People of substance will introduce you to other people of substance. They will. They wanna help but you can't just be looking for a quick hustle because they won't introduce you to their networks if you're just looking to slash and burn. Again, comes back to mindset. If you have the money in your eyes, when you look when you reach out to these people, they will not connect you to other people because you are a liability that will reflect badly on them. So keep that very much in mind.


Marcin Drozdz

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