Why You Should Keep Your Political Leanings Private as an Investor

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As an investor, it is essential to keep your political leanings private. If you are publicly vocal about your political beliefs, you will alienate the other half of your audience - and that is not a good thing. Most CEOs of major companies and people who run large money private equity firms typically do not talk about their personal political beliefs. This doesn't mean they don't have opinions on what's happening in the world - they just know it is better to stay silent.

Because whether you're left or right or center or both, depending on what it is doesn't really matter. The whole point here is the whole political thing is a huge gamble. If you have strong leanings one way or another, you will alienate the other half of the equation. Now as an investor, that is not a good thing because you're immediately pulling and cutting yourself right down the middle.

If you look at any of the biggest most of the CEOs of major companies, especially the public companies and those that run the large money private equity firm. they typically publicly don't talk about
their personal inclinations. It doesn't mean they don't have opinions on what's going on here or what's going on there. Normally, while they're the head of a certain company, they're not exposing those thoughts in a public setting.

And the reason for it. is because it's highly contentious. You have people that have thoughts here. You have ideas here. You could take the COVID debate. You could take the different things that are happening geopolitically and you're gonna have people that have opinions here and you have people that have opinions here. What you'll typically never see is those large companies or those people taking a position definitively one way or another because it creates a lot of turmoil.

And again, whether you agree with me or not, I'm just pointing it out because I'll tell you right from a fundraising standpoint when people google you if you are far this way or far this way.
If they agree with you, great. That I don't think it'll be the reason they invest in you, but it won't be a reason not to invest. But if they're on the other side and you're on this side, it could actually legitimately be the reason why they don't work with you.

So just keep that in mind. That's a really important distinction to make.

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Marcin Drozdz

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