5 Multifamily Marketing Ideas That Will Help You Generate more Leads

multifamily tips real estate marketing May 09, 2022

Nowadays, the multifamily market continues to evolve and evolve (just like any other real estate market). Putting an effort into organizing and planning your multifamily marketing efforts each year becomes a new challenge. Uncertainty can be brought on by demographic shifts, technological advancements, and the economy. What was once a temporary living option has now become a way of life for many, particularly young tenants eager to make their next flat their future home. Naturally, this makes the industry competitive. Property managers must be aggressive in their marketing efforts to not only attract new tenants but also maintain the ones they already have. By remaining current on the newest multifamily marketing trends, you can guarantee that your property is top of mind for both potential and present tenants.

So here are some easy ways on how you can leverage marketing in generating more leads in your multifamily venture.

Hire PROFESSIONAL Photographers

This one is quite obvious (same as in other businesses).  Professional photography not only showcases what a property looks like with high-quality content, and visuals but it also demonstrates to prospects that you care about your property, its cleanliness, and the general ambiance of the area. Professional real estate photographers have the greatest technology and skills to capture your area for outstanding photographs. There are several benefits to using professional multifamily photography when promoting your multifamily property. Professional multifamily photography is a valuable marketing tool that should not be disregarded, from greater curb appeal to increased SEO ranking especially now that almost all are going visuals with their social media platforms. 

Respond to Page Reviews

Responding to reviews is one of the simplest yet impactful marketing methods that demonstrate to prospects that you care about your community. Reviews, whether favorable or not, give significant insights into how your community is seen by those who matter the most - your investors. Additionally, by responding to reviews, you demonstrate that you are paying attention to what your residents have to say and that you are dedicated to making adjustments based on their comments. Reviews may be a strong marketing tool, so make sure you're making use of them by monitoring and reacting to them on a regular basis.

Have a Consistent & Cohesive Branding 

Your branding should be visible on your website, social media, local listings, and other channels. It's indeed critical to pay close attention to the colors, and fonts you use, as well as the overall appearance and feel of your materials (posts, videos, blogs, etc). This will make it easier for prospects to identify your brand and associate it with you.

Start a Referral Program

This one is a more direct approach to generating leads. Referral programs may be an efficient and fruitful strategy to acquire new customers. You won't have to seek far fresh opportunities with the assistance of the community you built! You may build up the best referral program for your community in a variety of ways. You may provide a monetary incentive, rent reductions and discounts, 

Clean up your GOOGLE MY BUSINESS listing

We’ve discussed this in our previous blog post. If you haven’t had the chance to look into it, head over here.

Prospects/investors will undoubtedly be looking through your photographs and 360 images to get a better look at your listing. Photos that are of poor quality or are irrelevant might be off-putting. Consider adding a Google virtual tour, updated images, and making sure your listing information is up to date and easy to understand for your site visitors.

Multifamily marketing is constantly evolving and it's important to stay ahead of the curve. These five ideas will help you generate more leads and get your properties in front of the right people. Have you tried any of these methods? If not, what's stopping you?


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