Are you Ready if your Potential Client Says "NO"?

deal pitching mindset Mar 07, 2022
Are you Ready if your Potential Client Says NO?

Your ability to address objections from potential clients will make or break your real estate business. A comeback is more than simply a clever statement in response to criticism; it's also a chance to clarify and understand. A client’s “NO” may be turned into a chance to develop your craft and expand your client base with the appropriate response.

Here are some of the pointers on how you can handle your next “NO"

1. Following an objection, use the right language still.

In sales, it's critical to use the proper words, especially when problems develop. When responding to an issue/objection, avoid using the word "but" since it might effectively refute all you've just said. Instead, use the words "and" to expand on each remark, which will keep the dialogue going.

2. Get your mindset right.

You must have the appropriate mentality while dealing with a client's disagreement.  Remind yourself that, given their interaction with you up to this stage in the process, the prospect may be interested in working with you. Also, make sure that you are mentally comfortable with getting a NO. At the same time, maintain your composure in the face of dissent and trust the abilities and value that you are bringing to the table. 

3. Work on getting previous experience on the table

Depending on the specific issue, it may be beneficial to draw on your client's prior experience. Some clients would tell you that they knew a real estate investor who would perhaps charge less for the "same thing". Maintain your composure as many take it as a personal attack that "you're not worth it" when really the client is just trying to negotiate the best deal possible. You know you're worth and if you can, incorporate humor to bridge the gap. Tell them about the low-cost assistant you used to save money, or the knock-off toilet paper we've all used that does the job but not as well. By doing this, they are conditioned to see that the more they are paying you, the more value you are giving.  Unless the client is hostile, they will usually welcome some humor and agree with you.


Are you ready to convert “NO” to “YES”?

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