The 3 Reasons Why You Aren't Growing Your Real Estate Business

mindset real estate investing Jan 17, 2022


What's holding you back from scaling your real estate investing business? Is it fear, or is your mindset preventing you from taking the next step? In this blog post, we'll discuss 3 reasons what hold most people back so you can double down and generate passive income and build equity faster.


You got this far on your own... so why rely on other people? If this is you - you know exactly what I mean! Look I get it; it's your "baby" and no one can do it as good as you.... but what if you had 2 (or 20) people who did it 80% as good as you? Where would your business be? Who would you have to become to operate at that level?


I've been building businesses since the early 2000s and can tell you that most people that I meet in real estate don't see themselves as business owners. They just see themselves as people who invest in real estate. This reinforces the "lone wolf syndrome" and creates situations where everything falls on them and makes it impossible to grow. A business has systems, policies, automation, and defined processes. Can your "real estate business" run without you?


Maybe you're just tapped out on funds and you've never learned how to structure deals and raise capital. Don't let this be an excuse for not growing! You can invest in yourself, mentorship, and courses that will shortcut your learning curve. I've seen people do this all while building equity, creating passive income, taking vacations, and continuing to acquire more properties.

and YOU can too!

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Marcin Drozdz

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